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PUBG MOBILE to get Assasins Creed's gameplay feature: Ledge grab update coming on October 16

PUBG MOBILE is going to get the ledge grab feature with the version 0.15.0 update that will be released on October 16.

#PUBGMOBILE keeps getting numerous updates every month that keep making the game engaging for its loyal players. While most of the updates have been adding new content and gameplay modes over the course of its life, the game's core mechanics have mostly remained the same. Whatever the gameplay mode you choose, you get the same on-screen controls to move around and fire. However, the PUBG MOBILE team in bringing a new move for players that could breathe life into this old-timer.

In a recent social media post, the PUBG MOBILE team has finally announced that it is going to bring a whole new movement for players in the game. Rumours have been talking about the ledge grab feature coming to PUBG and now it is officially announced. The ledge grab feature for characters on PUBG MOBILE is coming with 0.15.0 update and it will be released for everyone on October 16.

The ledge grab feature will give players the ability to use the existing maps more efficiently to their advantage in between matches. The feature is quite similar to what players have experienced on the popular PC title Assasins Creed. With ledge grab, players will be able to access all rooftops (and possibly cliffs) to set up and prey on their enemies from a vantage point.

Although we haven't tried this feature yet, it seems that this feature could come in useful for snipers looking for a vantage point in crowded cities. Even in close combat with multiple players, the ledge grab could aid players with surviving the attacks. In the zombie mode, it could also come in handy while evading hoardes of zombies attacking the player.


While the ledge grab could change the way we play PUBG MOBILE, the version 0.15.0 update will also bring two additional major changes. The first one is the addition of the BRDM-2 armoured vehicle that will replace the UAZ armored SUV. Secondly, the update will also bring exploding gas canisters that players can throw and shoot at enemies for extended damage.

The version 0.15.0 update is hitting the #PlayStore and App Store on October 16. The update could weigh a lot which is why players should connect their devices to a Wi-Fi network for downloading the update.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. #PUBG MOBILE will bring the ledge grab feature with the version 0.15.0 update.

  2. The version 0.15.0 update will also bring the BRDM-2 vehicle and exploding gas canisters.

  3. The 0.15.0 update will be rolled out on October 16.


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